More information on Cambridge Dry Gin

Our ‘gin for all seasons’, created from a recipe home grown in the distillery gardens. We’ve used locally available botanicals including lemon verbena, rosemary, basil and rose petals to produce this crisp, fresh gin for you to enjoy throughout the year.

More information on Japanese Gin

The first gin in the world to focus entirely on Japanese botanicals. Featuring shiso leaf, sansho pepper, yuzu peel and white roasted sesame seed supporting the juniper base note, this ground-breaking gin is familiar yet exotic, elegant and intense.

More information on Truffle Gin

The world’s first digestif gin. To create the incredible length and intensity in this luxurious spirit we started with white truffle from Alba, Piedmont, which is famously more expensive gram-for-gram than gold. Deliciously decadent.

More information on Seasonal Gin

This was our first ‘off-the-shelf’ product. We create Cambridge Seasonal Gin from botanicals we grow and forage locally, constantly changing the recipe with the seasons. We make two seasonal expressions each year (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) in extremely limited volumes.

More information on Anty Gin

A joint venture between Cambridge Distillery and Nordic Food Lab, Anty Gin is the first gin in the world made from insects. Each bottle contains the essence of 62 red wood ants (Formica rufa) to lend a citrus-style flavour which is complemented by other locally foraged botanicals including nettle and wood avens root.

More information on Watenshi

Revered as the most exclusive gin in the world. Watenshi (‘The Japanese Angel’) is painstakingly distilled at half the pressure found at the summit of Mount Everest and at temperatures lower than those found at the south pole, resulting in a yield of just 15ml per day

Only a few dozen bottles of this truly extraordinary gin have ever been produced